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Roberta Begaye

Diné (Navajo)
I am the Bitterwater clan, To’di’ch’ii’nii. I am born for the Zuni-Edgewater clan, Naasht’e’zhi Ta’baaha’. Maternal grandparents: Towering House clans, Kiyaa’a’anii. Paternal grandparents: Bitterwater clans, To’di’ch’ii’nii.
Roberta is a self-taught artist who hails from the Navajo Nation, born in Fort Defiance, Arizona and raised in Kayenta, Arizona; with a 26 year career in Fire/EMS. She is a descendent of medicine people and traditional rug weavers, both maternal and paternal grand and great-grandparents.
Inspired by her grandmother's Wide Ruins textile patterns, she also creates imagery with that classic geometry to honor her. Woven together, her Diné traditional and cultural upbringing is brought to life with her brushes. Roberta's grandmother continues to weave, as she continues to paint. She has also created an organization, Compassion Uprising, that embodies the spirit of her grandmother’s teachings and love.
Roberta of Bitterwater Galerie houses her brushes and pigments in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
She weaves paintings textured with poetry…
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  • IP

    Omg Roberta I Dreamt! arrived today and it's super beautiful! AND imagine my surprise and delight when I saw your sketch of the one-legged Road Runner Prince el Camino on the shipping package! I squeeled! lol! ❤❤❤ Roberta always puts her heart into her art and her customers! A tapestry of strokes, colors, and emotions, I see and feel something new every time I view the sacred images she creates.

    Irene PFebruary 2024

  • ZJ

    An absolutely stunning Native art piece. Love it! Project Antelope made the ordering process extremely easy and I was very pleased with how Roberta was able to send me personal messages during the shipping process. Great experience. Thank you, Roberta. Brilliant work! :)

    Zachariah JJanuary 2024

  • TH

    Beautiful and arrived so quickly and without issue. I’m amazed at the affordability of such a beautiful piece of art! Lovely personalized correspondence from the artist was truly special.

    Tamara HDecember 2023

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