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Your artwork means the world to you.

We’ll help you share it with the world.



Every great journey has a starting point. This is ours. Join Project Antelope’s inception and part of the first small group of artists and makers on Project Antelope.

What Can You Sell on Project Antelope?

Sell your creations on our website, made by and for Indigenous artists and makers. Project Antelope is a curated online marketplace of fine arts, fashion, books, music, and home goods that connects Indigenous artists to the global economy.


Center Your Work in the Global Marketplace

This is a unique opportunity to join Project Antelope—a marketplace and a movement that puts the power to define Indigenous art into Indigenous hands. For far too long, Indigenous art has been defined and appropriated by non-Indigenous entities and so-called experts. Project Antelope is here to shift that dynamic.

At Project Antelope, customers seeking Indigenous art find an environment that undoes the appropriation of Indigenous works and ideas, while Project Antelope artists grow their businesses supported by experienced Indigenous business leaders. As we evolve and grow this exciting new platform, we will leverage the latest technology to improve the buying and selling experiences.

It’s our mission to support artists like you. Project Antelope gives you the tools to manage inventory and sales from your desktop or mobile device; there is no sign-up fee and only a small commission on sales. During the initial rollout, the Project Antelope team can help you get your products online. Tech-savvy artists have the option DIY it and we’ll be here to provide additional support. Our team works with you to find new, creative ways to market your work and generate revenue. Project Antelope centers your work in the global marketplace.

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Grow Your Business

Project Antelope artists grow their business supported by experienced Indigenous business leaders who believe that the power to define Indigenous art must rest with Indigenous artists.

Low-risk and Affordable

Low-risk and Affordable

Project Antelope makes it easy to join our marketplace and gain access to buyers from around the globe. Project Antelope does not charge a sign-up fee, and takes a minimal commission on artists’ sales.

Flexibility & Tech Support

Flexibility & Tech Support

The Project Antelope team will help get your products online. Tech-savvy artists can DIY it, but we’re here to provide additional support.

Grow Revenue

Grow Revenue

Project Antelope's cutting-edge platform technology centers your work in the global marketplace. Our team works with you to find new, creative ways to generate revenue.

Join Your Fellow Creators

Join a growing community of innovative Indigenous artists, makers, writers, and musicians who are defining what it means to be a Native artist.

Summer Peters

As I struggle to navigate my way through the Native art scene through the gatekeepers and cool people, my career is often at their mercy. Colleen Farwell and Tailinh Agoyo have been down and believed in me from the first time I met them and provided me with opportunities to feed my children and grow my CV. Chi-miigwetch to Project Antelope for hosting us artists in this beautiful city. Your hospitality was impeccable and has set a high standard for businesses doing business with artists.

Summer Peters, Saginaw Ojibwe

Gordell Wright

I’m looking forward to what Project Antelope will do for Indigenous artists worldwide. The Project Antelope team treated us artists that came to Philadelphia with such respect and A class hospitality. Thank you all so much for providing this opportunity to me and all the amazing artists to come.

Gordell Wright, Shinnecock

Jason Wesaw

I’m always encouraged to see the different types of projects that Tailinh Agoyo is successfully involved with. For years I’ve seen her making platforms for Native people and building bridges between communities, cultures, and organizations. Her work always seems to be growing and reaching new audiences, making me even more happy to continue our collaborations.

Jason Wesaw, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians


Antelope is a wonderful place of knowledge, of awakening, and of finding oneself. Project Antelope is welcoming and inclusive of so many art forms. At Antelope, I can show my entire creative side. If Antelope was around when I was a young, I probably wouldn't have struggled as much trying to figure out how to get my work out into the world.

Tchin, Narragansett Descent

Lance Richmond

Thank you to Tailinh Agoyo and the team for their hard work and vision and for reminding us that the best place for art is where it can be enjoyed by others.

Lance Richmond (Silvercloud Singers), Mohawk