Seller FAQs: Project Antelope Marketplace
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Frequently Asked Questions - Artists

How do I become a seller on Project Antelope?

For information on how to become a seller on Project Antelope, visit our artist sign up page. Fill out the application form with your personal and artist information, including links to images of your artwork. Once your application is reviewed by our team, we will reach out via email. Please note that we will be selective with our first groups of artists and grow slowly as we learn from our artists, partners, and customers.

What types of artwork can I sell on Project Antelope?

Project Antelope welcomes a diverse range of artwork that showcases the talent and creativity of Indigenous artists. All goods must be made, written, or designed by you—the artist. We are currently focused on visual art, jewelry, clothing and accessories, literature, and music.

Are there any specific requirements for sellers, such as being an Indigenous artist?

Project Antelope focuses solely on promoting Indigenous art and supporting Indigenous artists. We are currently operating in Canada and the United States but intend to represent Indigenous artists globally. Please visit our artist sign up page for more information.

How do I upload my artwork onto the platform?

You must be an approved seller to post listings on Project Antelope. Uploading your artwork is a straightforward process. Once you have a user account, log in and click “Post a new listing” in the top menu. From there, you can access the step-by-step process to add your listing. Fill in the required details for each artwork, including title, description, category, material, and price. You can also upload high-quality images of your artwork, which will be displayed on your product listing. Your listing may need to be approved by the Project Antelope team before it will go live. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Can I set my own prices for my artwork?

Yes, as a seller on Project Antelope, you have the freedom to set your own prices for your artwork. We believe in empowering artists to value their creations appropriately. While we encourage fair pricing, it's important to consider market trends, the value of your artwork, and competition within the platform.

How will I receive payments for the artwork I sell?

Project Antelope uses Stripe Connect for secure and convenient payment processing. When a customer purchases your artwork, the payment will be securely processed and held. Payments are released once the buyer receives the item and the transaction is successfully completed. You will receive the funds directly into your designated account within a specified payout period. Project Antelope ensures a smooth payment process, providing peace of mind for sellers and buyers alike.

What fees or commissions does Project Antelope charge for each sale?

Project Antelope operates on a buyer commission model, where artists are not charged any fees for listing their work. Instead, a surcharge of 10% (rounded up to the nearest $5) is applied to each sale made through the platform, which is borne by the buyer. This surcharge is used to cover operational costs (including platform and credit card processing fees), promote artwork to a wider audience, and maintain a fair and sustainable marketplace for artists. Please note that the commission rate is subject to change, and we will notify you of any changes in advance.

Is there a limit to the number of artworks I can list on the platform?

Project Antelope does not impose strict limitations on the number of artworks you can list. We encourage you to showcase a diverse portfolio and share as many of your exceptional pieces as possible. However, we may have guidelines or recommendations to ensure quality standards and optimal browsing experience for our customers.

How does shipping and delivery work for sold artworks?

As a seller on Project Antelope, it is your responsibility to ship and deliver sold artworks to buyers. After a customer purchases your artwork, you will receive shipping information and contact details to coordinate the shipment. Securely package the artwork and choose a reliable shipping method for safe delivery. You should insure your artwork during shipping to provide additional protection. You can add shipping and insurance fees during the listing process, which will be charged to the customer. After shipping the item, promptly notify the customer through the site's Inbox feature.

Can I showcase my artist profile or biography on the platform?

Yes, we encourage you to showcase your artist profile or biography on Project Antelope. We believe in highlighting the stories and backgrounds of our talented sellers. Your artist profile allows you to share information about your artistic journey, inspirations, techniques, and any relevant achievements. This personal touch adds depth and connection for potential buyers and art enthusiasts.

How can I communicate with potential buyers or answer their questions?

Project Antelope provides a messaging system within the platform that enables direct communication between sellers and potential buyers. When a buyer shows interest in your artwork or has a question, you will receive a notification. You can then respond to inquiries, provide additional details, and engage in a meaningful dialogue to address any concerns or clarify information.

What steps does Project Antelope take to promote and market the artwork on the platform?

Project Antelope is committed to promoting and marketing the artwork on our platform to reach a wider audience. We use diverse marketing strategies, like digital advertising, social media campaigns, content creation, and collaborations with art influencers. Additionally, we feature selected artworks on our homepage and curated collections to showcase the diverse talents of our sellers. Our goal is to increase exposure for your artwork and attract potential buyers to the platform.

How does sales tax work on Project Antelope?

Sales tax is an important aspect of selling artwork. At Project Antelope, we require sellers to include the applicable sales tax in the price of their items. As a seller, it is your responsibility to determine the correct sales tax rate and include it in the listing price. Each seller will handle sales tax individually, ensuring compliance with the tax regulations of their respective jurisdictions.

We recommend consulting with a tax professional or local tax authority to understand and comply with the specific sales tax requirements in your area. By including the sales tax in the listing price, you can provide a transparent and hassle-free purchasing experience for buyers on Project Antelope.

What makes Project Antelope different from Etsy, Facebook Marketplace or other e-commerce platforms?

Project Antelope is an Indigenous marketplace for and by Indigenous people. Here's why we're different:

  • We are owned and operated by experienced Indigenous business leaders
  • We celebrate and know how to promote Indigenous artists and their art
  • We are a space that's dedicated exclusively for Indigenous artists to showcase their art
  • We are committed to ensuring the artwork accurately represents our diverse Indigenous heritage
  • We care about community and connection beyond the business
  • We curate the artwork on the marketplace to ensure highest quality standards and mission alignment
  • We advocate for fair compensation for artists and transparent transactions
  • We offer a simple yet thorough user experience for artists and customers alike