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Our Mission

Project Antelope is a curated online marketplace of fine arts, fashion, books, music, and home goods that connects Indigenous artists to the global art economy. Consumers seeking Indigenous art encounter an environment that undoes the appropriation of Indigenous works and ideas, while Project Antelope artists grow their business supported by experienced Indigenous business leaders who believe that the power to define Indigenous art must rest with Indigenous artists.

At Project Antelope, customers seeking Indigenous art find an environment that undoes the appropriation of Indigenous works and ideas, while Project Antelope artists grow their businesses supported by experienced Indigenous business leaders. As we evolve and grow this exciting new platform, we will leverage the latest in technology to improve the buying and selling experience.

It’s time for a radical shift in the Indigenous art world; our art is a billion-dollar business. For too long, the merits of our creativity have been determined by non-Natives, and our traditional artforms are routinely appropriated and cheapened. Project Antelope aims to shatter these outmoded constructs by providing Indigenous artists around the world a sophisticated online platform on which to sell their work and build generational wealth, and where customers can trust that the art comes from the source.

About Us

Tailinh Agoyo​ (Co-founder/COO/CMO)

Tailinh Agoyo​ (Co-founder/COO/CMO) has worked in public relations, marketing, and design for more than 20 years. She served as head of design for Monitor Group's West Coast offices and as director of public relations, marketing, and programming for SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market. She co-founded Indigenous Fine Art Market in 2014, and in 2016 produced EAST, an Indigenous art show in Connecticut, in partnership with the Pequot Museum and Northeast Indigenous Arts Alliance.​

​Since 2016, Tailinh has served as director of We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust, a Philadelphia-based non-profit committed to amplifying Indigenous voices through the arts. The Seeds Santa Fe celebration of Indigenous arts and cultures, begun in 2017, has grown to include more than 143 individual programs to date. Through this work, Tailinh has developed an expansive view on how to support and lift Indigenous artists and communities.

Colleen Farwell (Co-founder/CEO/CFO)

Colleen Farwell (Co-founder/CEO/CFO) is founder and CEO of Black Canyon Distribution, a company that provides services to and is licensed by Indigenous communities throughout the West and Midwest. Through Black Canyon, she has connected Indigenous manufacturers with Indigenous retailers, helping small businesses grow and thrive in markets typically designed to snuff-out Indigenous expansion.​

​Colleen is the author of I Will Carry You, a children’s book about the unbreakable bond between mother and child, that features illustrations that interpret the works of six Indigenous artists. Colleen’s poetry was featured in the 2020 virtual artist series Gathering Seeds, produced by We Are the Seeds of CultureTrust. She belongs to the Crow people and descends from Gros Ventre. The mother of six splits her time between her home on Mohawk lands near Akwesasne and her company warehouse in Arizona.

The Team

Taikwan Chin-Wright, Head of Product

Taikwan Chin-Wright (Head of Product) boasts over two decades of experience in technology start-ups and online businesses. Her career highlights include a significant role at a company later acquired by Microsoft, where she excelled as a Product Manager. Post-Microsoft, Taikwan continued her career in Product Development, contributing her expertise to bring innovative solutions to market. Currently based in London, she shares her life with her husband and their daughters.

Jennifer Levin

Jennifer Levin (Writer) is an arts and culture writer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She wrote for Pasatiempo Magazine at the Santa Fe New New Mexican for many years, and now writes for several publications and non-profit organizations. She is working on a memoir, All the Girls in Their Cages, about generational trauma and chronic illness.

Xiao Hui, Operations Lead

Xiao Hui Chin (Operations Lead) has led project management and operations in tech, design, and social impact consulting for nearly 20 years. For Xiao Hui, art and business have always made sense together, being raised by a professional artist father and account manager mother. She is passionate about implementing visionary ideas through creative collaboration and a service mindset. Xiao Hui enjoys learning about Indigenous foodways and maximizing time outdoors.

Chrystalynn Jock

Chrystalynn Jock (Artist Outreach) was born and raised in the Mohawk community of Akwesasne, a territory that rests on United States/Canadian border. Chrystalynn is responsible for Project Antelope’s brand awareness and artist sign up. She enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures throughout Turtle Island, and she is enthusiastic about non-profit arts advocacy. Since becoming a mother four years ago, Chrystalynn has been reconnecting with her Mohawk culture and community for the sake of cultural preservation.