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Joeseph Arnoux

Apparel Blackfeet/Spokane Albuquerque, New Mexico
Joeseph Arnoux is enrolled in the Piikani (Blackfeet Nation) and a descendant of the Spokane Tribe of Indians (Sp'q'n'iʔ). A multidisciplinary artist now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Joeseph grew up in the Midwest and found community in BMX freestyle cycling during his tumultuous teenager years. Now, he has developed WARPONYBMX, the first Native BMX brand identity and community making space for physical and mental health. WARPONYBMX hats are for Native riders everywhere, from every tribe, of all ages and genders. As WARPONY grows, Joeseph will introduce additional merch like T-shirts, baseball caps, and stickers, and he eventually hopes to produce BMX parts and start a formal youth mentorship program.
As an artist, educator, and youth advocate, Joeseph has built capacity in the local region and beyond, collaborating with Intercultural Leadership Institute, Portland Public Schools, Gonzaga University, New Mexico Community Capital, and CABQ Arts & Culture Department. In 2022 he received the Johnson Leighton Artist of the Year Award from Northwest Native Development Fund. He holds an associate of fine arts degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts; his art practice includes illustration, design, printing, painting, murals, and jewelry.

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